Executives Say That Trump Is Good for US Business

An annual survey was conducted recently, which discovered that 76 percent of the total US executives who polled said that the new president and administration of the White House will bring about a positive impact on their business.

This survey was carried out by JPMorgan Chase. The survey also showed that nearly 80 percent of executives in the mid-market are very optimistic about the way the business environment is developing. This percentage has risen by 39 percent from the results that were polled last year.

The agendas and administration of Donald Trump bolster business, including the tax breaks as well as the reduction in corporate regulation and the middle-market business. There is a clear definition of demographics that suggest that the range of the overall revenues is from 20 to 500 million dollars. This is an indication that in the upcoming times, all prospects of business are likely to grow.

People are also saying that for the past 7 years, they are extremely high spirited with optimism and the level of pessimism in them is at the lowest possible.

An economist working at JPMorgan Chase said that the companies in the US are boosting with confidence and they are eagerly looking forward for the support and encouragement in the economic sector from Washington.

The survey had ended on the same day as the inauguration of president Trump (that was on 20th January). None of the questions in the survey had the name of Trump mentioned in it. All questions pertained to the term ‘new administration’.

The confidence seen in the companies is very profitable for the economy of the US; however, Glassman states that that the administration under Donald Trump is not the only reason that has influenced the results of the poll. He said that the survey results of the year 2016 showed that the market had been undergoing turmoil because the prices of oil were drastically decreasing along with the volatility of economy in China.

The change in the economy of US can be seen by the examples of Walmart, which has experienced the generation of maximum revenue in this quarter. CNBC reported that the company is making commendable efforts to cope up with the competition given by other leading companies like Amazon. Another company Home Depot also witnessed a rise of 5.8 percent in the growth of its sales that caused their dividend to authorize 15 billion dollars buyback program in stocks.

On one side, Trump is creating opportunities for the companies to become prosperous and on the other side he is posing limitations and restrictions on trade and working operations. If Mr. Trump continues to enhance the mighty inherited economy of the US, then it is a fruitful time for the businesses in US.

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