IBM Sets Sight on Quantum Computing

IBM is all ready to set a milestone in the field of quantum computers to enhance its business opportunities. It has already achieved commendable results with the help of Watson in the Artificial intelligence category as well as the in the category of block chain with the help of Fabric and Hyperledger.

Quantum computer is a very advanced technology. It is very different from the traditional computers. The quantum computers use the technicalities and fundamentals of physics to perform extremely complicated and rigorous calculations using bits (digits 0 and 1). 0 denotes off and 1 denotes on.

On the other hand, the quantum computer makes use of qubit. This qubit is capable of holding more than one state at any instance of time. This leads qubits to unleash the property of superposition used for the particles of quantum mechanics for the exponential power.  

The company said that ever since it opened access to their own quantum computing system for the public in May, more than 40,000 people have run about 275,000 experiments on it till date. Today, this system has a 5Qubit Processor that the whole internet can use.

The level of engagement from the outsiders is really encouraging, according to IBM. To get people up and running on their tech, IBM released a new API, which would allow developers to build software integrations between the normal computers and IBM’s quantum computing system residing in IBM research lab (in Yorktown Heights, NY). IBM would also release a simulator, which can model about 20Qubit circuits in the next few months and IBM also plans to put a full software development for their programmers.

This is just the beginning for Big Blue. The company is planning to make this commercial in the upcoming years.

IBM declined to specify the exact time for this commercial availability, but the company is contingent in researches overcoming the obstacles. The company is also seeking to prepare customers to ponder over how quantum computing would fit in their businesses in the next decade.

IBM is not the only company working on this. It has about six partners in its IBM Research Frontiers Institute collaborating to make quantum software and hardware design. The companies are Nagase, Canon, Hitachi Metals, Honda, JSR, and Samsung.

An analyst, Bob Sorensen working at IDC says that the technology does hold a lot of promise, but it won’t be ready for a lot of years. It must be clearly demonstrated that they are an improvement on the computers that we use today. By these announcements, IBM is tapping people on the shoulder by saying that they are committed to this.

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