United Airlines Latest Policy Change States No Staff to Take Seats of Passengers That Have Already Boarded

United Airlines has been reviewing their policies immediately after the violent incident that occurred when a seated passenger was removed from flight against his will. The latest change in their policy is that they won’t allow their employees to take the seats of passengers who have already been seated on the overbooked flights.

Maggie Schmerin, a company spokeswoman wrote in an email that they have issued this updated policy to make sure that the crews that are traveling on their aircraft are booked on the flight at least an hour before the departure of the plane. This step was taken this Sunday and it is one of their initial steps in reviewing their policies.

She also confirmed the validity of an April 14 dated memo, which TMZ published – that ordered this new policy’s issue. She said that this change was to ensure that violent episodes like last week’s don’t happen again.

Ms. Schmerin also emphasized on the change that was announced earlier that law enforcement officials won’t be asked to remove passengers who don’t pose security threats from the plane.

The company is under review of the circumstances due to which Kentucky resident, Dr. David Dao was forcibly removed from flight by aviation police officials of Chicago on 9th April.

The removal was really violent and it grew into a really embarrassing episode internationally. Two teeth of Dr. Dao were knocked out; he suffered a bleeding broken nose and a concussion on the head. His lawyer said that he might even need surgery.

The news of his treatment also caused a big backlash that lasted for almost a week and this backlash also spanned continents. During this troubled time, the stock price of the airline company started falling rapidly and they were having difficulties in coming up with a proper response for the Dao situation.

After the uproar that lasted several days, the Chief Executive Officer of United Airlines, Oscar Munoz apologized on the show Good Morning America.

He said that the incident will never happen again on a flight operated by United Airlines. The above said lines are his promise and premise as he said on the show.

But this apology didn’t turn the tide in favor of the company. The lawmakers have also called for an investigation on the matter. Due to this episode, fingers were pointed at the current state of the airlines industry where the fees of travel and the discomfort to travel both have started to rise each year in equal measure.

United Airlines would bounce back from this, but this episode means that there are going to be serious policy changes in the airline’s policy.

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