Google Debuts First Chrome OS Loaded Tablet

Google debuts first Chrome OS loaded Tablet. Google and Acer have teamed up to launch the Acer Chrome book Tab 10, the first Chrome OS tablet.

Chrome OS, has previously been available on desktops, laptops, tablet/PC hybrids, and convertibles.

According to Google, the new device is a new piece of education hardware that meant to rival the iPad. This tablet has Android apps and security configurations using which it easily plugs into that ecosystem. Students and teachers can access millions of Android apps as the tab support Google Play like other Chrome OS devices.

The Acer Chrome book Tab 10 will deliver easy management and share ability of Chrome book laptops in a new device. It provides touch and stylus support just like Samsung’s Galaxy Note series, as well as Google Expeditions AR integration.

Just like the iPad, the Tab 10 features a 9.7-inch, 2048 x 1536 displays. A 9 inch by 6.6 inch body weighs just over 1.2 pounds. There’s 5-megapixel rear, allowing kids to capture photos and videos, an estimated nine hours of battery life.  Powered by a 6-core 3399 RockChip processor, the tab comes with 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage space, USB-C port that can also power other devices.

Each Chrome book tablet has just a touchscreen and a passive Wacom stylus that doesn’t require charging or pairing, eliminating a keyboard.

The Chrome book Tab 10 will sell for $329, starting in April which is the same price as Apple’s iPad. Apple’s new iPad that the company is expected to release tomorrow will cost for $259.

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