Heart-Healthy Practices Avert Atrial Fibrillation Risk

Heart-healthy practices avert atrial fibrillation risk, which is one of the most critical disorders that can lead to the irregular heart rhythms, according to the recently discovered findings.

A comprehensive research conducted in the United States involved a middle aged group of men and women for nearly 25 years. the research later came to the conclusion that the people who strictly follow a set of seven practices that recommended as healthy for keeping heart well and fit, have a significantly decreased risk of developing atrial fibrillation by more than 60 per cent, as compared to those people who follow just few or none of the practices listed for the healthy heart.

The review disclosed by the Journal of the American Heart Association claims that the most generally found heart rhythm disorder i.e. atrial fibrillation has affected around 2 million people in the United States.

Dr. Parveen Garg, a cardiologist from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles said in a statement that, “A heart rhythm disorder is something where your heartbeat is not beating regularly, so whenever your heartbeat is not beating regularly, it’s called an arrhythmia. That’s a big deal, because this arrhythmia, if untreated, can lead to stroke.”

Yet more study is required, while the comprehensive and lengthy research needs to show that the modifications in the risk factor that may lead to cut the atrial fibrillation risk are extremely expensive.

“This very timely study shows how risk factor modification, by attacking multiple risk factors simultaneously can have a significant impact on the development of atrial fibrillation,” said a cardiologist at the University of Illinois in Chicago, Dr. Dawood Darbar.

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