NASA Aims ‘Lunar Space Station’ Materializing By 2019

NASA aims ‘lunar space station’ materializing by 2019, in order to explore more data about the moon as well as the environment around the space. The space station may provide in the form of gateway for the astronauts voyaging to the space and come back to the Earth, so the agency is calling the construction to be built as ‘Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway’.

The first speculation by NASA for the new space construction is said to be dedicated to the power elements and propulsion by beginning of the next year, after which the residential components will be lined up, according to the statement by the Associate Administrator of Human Exploration and Operation at NASA, William H. Gerstenmaier.

Gerstenmaier further reported that the new lunar space station is supposed to begin its process of orbiting around the moon along with carrying a crew consisting four astronauts for 30 days of the mission.

“The platform should be orbiting the moon in 2025, a 41-year NASA veteran who oversees human exploration and operations. It will carry a four-astronaut crew on 30-day missions,” in a statement said Gerstenmaier. “We want to understand orbital mechanics around the moon a little better, far from the Earth’s deep gravity well. Doing things in this region, where gravity isn’t such a big driver … is a different way of operating.”

“It can adapt to commercial partners. It’s not a rigid program of one mission following another, an allusion to the Apollo program, which famously required an aggressive schedule of flights that built off each other. As long as we view the moon as a stepping stone and not an end goal, I think we’re OK,” he added.

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