Living Human Cells Just Shown Weird DNA Structure

Living human cells just shown weird DNA structure that resembles a four-stranded knot and not like the graceful double helix, about which we have been learning since school.

One of the scientific triumph stories, DNA structure discovery is the combined efforts by four scientists who associated together to decode one of the most mysterious job of nature to produce genes. But now after decades of the discovery humans are still researching for the firm conclusions and consider the subject as intensely complex part of the biological machinery.

Recently discovered unique structure may shed a new light on the long standing research of DNA theories. However, the new findings have been published in the Nature Chemistry journal on Monday by the research team of Kinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics, the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney. The new DNA structure appears like a four stranded knot, which the scientists are calling as ‘i-motif’.

Director of the Garvan Institute’s Centre for Targeted Therapy and study’s co-author, Daniel Christ says that, “This raised a scientific debate concerning the biological relevance of this motif. We are providing first direct evidence that i-motif structure exist in cells under physiological conditions. We consider it likely that the formation of i-motifs in promoter regions fine-tunes the expression of corresponding genes.”

Medical chemist, Laurence Hurley from the University of Arizona says, “They essentially form a scaffold, where each C-C bond is 90 degrees to its corresponding C-C pair. It’s clear that these structures [i-motifs] are implicated in gene expression. This paper provides the icing on the cake.”

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