Physicians distribute buprenorphine illegally

Physicians distribute buprenorphine illegally for opioid addiction treatment. An opioid addiction treatment practice offices are in Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Three Indian-American physicians Dr. Krishan Kumar Aggarwal, 73, Dr. Madhu Aggarwal, 68, and Dr. Parth Bharill, 69 are charged with health care fraud and illegal distribution of buprenorphine. Dr. Cherian John, 65, and Dr. Michael Bummer both contractors were charged for similar charges.


The charges alleged that the doctors, working as contractors at various locations. They created and distributed unlawful prescriptions for buprenorphine, known as Subutex and Suboxone. It is a drug that should be used to treat individuals with addiction.

The three have also been charged for submitting fraudulent claims to Medicare or Medicaid for payments to cover the costs of the unlawfully prescribed buprenorphine.

All of them face punishment of 10 years in prison and a fine of US $250,000 for each of the counts charging unlawfully dispensing Schedule III controlled substances.

The charges came as part of the Opioid Fraud and Abuse Detection Unit created by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. “Today, we are facing the worst drug crisis in American history, with one American dying of a drug overdose every nine minutes,” Sessions said.

Sessions is focusing solely on the problem of opioid related health care fraud in Western Pennsylvania. “These cases cut off the supply of drugs and stop fraudsters from using ill-protected people.

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