Natural Insect Damper for Agriculture

Natural insect damper for agriculture as customary insecticides are terminators. They not only kill pests but also imperil bees and other favorable insects and influencing biodiversity in soils, lakes, rivers and seas. A team from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has now found an alternative; an environment friendly agent that retains pests far away without murdering them.

Professor Thomas Brück, who heads the Werner Siemens Chair of Synthetic Biotechnology at TU Munich, said that this does not limit to bees but poses a question for the survival of humanity. Bees are the natural pollination agents. Without them the supermarkets would be empty and it will not be possible to provide the world’s population with food.

Artificially made insecticides imperil not only bees but also beetles, butterflies and grasshoppers. They influence biodiversity in soils, lakes, rivers and seas. Their utilization has inevitably been extremely contentious for many years.

Brück and his team have now discovered a substitute; the insect repellent they have made is biodegradable and eco-friendly. When it is sprayed on plants, it works like mosquito repellent utilized by bathers in summer, scattering a smell that keeps unwanted insects at bay.

Brück said that with his approach they have invited rudimentary alteration in crop preservation. Rather than spraying poison which ultimately also has an adverse effect on useful species as well they purposely they solely provoke the pests.

The Munich researchers were motivated by tobacco plant, which emanates cembratrienol in its leaves, the plant utilizes this molecule to shield itself from the pests.

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