Solar Plan Conflicts with Farm Tradition in Pacific Northwest

Solar plan conflicts with farm tradition in Pacific Northwest. A company from Seattle approached Jeff and Jackie Brunson to requiring to contract from their 1000 acre hay and oat farm for a solar energy estimate, they welcomed the idea and the likelihood of accruing consistent rent checks.

They did not expect the explosion, cynical texts, phone calls from neighbors and county assemblies where sustenance for solar was meager. Detractors said the project would eliminate a vast amount of land from agricultural productions in Central Washington. If accepted by regulators it would be one of the prodigious solar generators ever constructed in the state with five large arrays sprawled around the county blanketing around 250 acres with sun absorbing panels.

Ms. Brunson said the detractors should be bothered about their own prospects rather than meddling with others business and respect property rights. Ms. Brunson, 59, said that they want to enjoy the experience of watching you farm. They maneuver in their compact piece may be three or twenty acres and they do not want any alterations around them. She further added that what makes her angry is they are exempt from paying the bills.

A rural area on the eastern slopes of the Cascade Range southeast of Seattle is witnessing an accident in Kittitas County amidst a valued past and an undetermined future. Decrepit segregation of geography are part of it.  The political power in Washington State, and the program for sustainable energy and much more emanates from liberal metropolitan expanse around Seattle and numerous people in orthodox rural places east of the Cascades, like Kittitas County, are annoyed at the disparity.


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