Chinese Yellow Robot – A New Delivery Boy

Chinese yellow robot – a new delivery boy about the size of a little washing machine trundles along a calm residential road on the external boarder of Beijing.

An autonomous delivery robot, the little yellow horse is shipping day by day basics like beverages, products of the soil from the nearby store to the occupants of the ‘Kafka’ compound in the Chinese capital.

Furnished with a GPS framework, cameras and radar, the robots are seen by their maker as the fate of coordination in China, where he says one billion bundles will in the end be conveyed each day.

Founder and CEO of Zhen Robotics, Liu Zhiyong said in a statement that, “At the moment, there are 100 million packages delivered every day in China. It will be one billion in the future. There will not be enough humans to make the deliveries. We need more and more robots to fill this gap in manpower. And to reduce costs.”

Going at a not as much as overpowering three kilometres (two miles) every hour – a moderate human walk – the robot has opportunity to get better, said one client as she expelled a parcel of nuts from its entrails.

Former deputy secretary general, Shao Zhonglin at the China Express Association stated that, “It’s not certain however that they can be a broad solution for the final kilometre of delivery. Because the client still has to come down to get his package. Plus the costs remain quite high: buying and maintaining the robots, operating costs, etc.”

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