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Destinations of the new United Airlines are not as popular as the other travel spots. Some of these destinations are Rochester, Columbia, and Champaign starting from Chicago.

The President of United Airlines, Scott Kirby said that these airlines are an attempt to emerge victorious in the share market that includes its domestic hubs. For example, the O’Hare International Airport was lost when the airline was at the stage of a docile competitor.

This Monday, the airline also announced that United will commence 47 round-trip daily flights this summer and this will be inclusive of the 6 new destinations from O’Hare Airport.

The trips to the cities in Midwest were initially ignored by the airline; however, now they have included them in the new destinations.

Kirby said that the Chicago area is not big enough to accommodate the non-stop flights to various international destinations (For example, Tel Aviv). He also said that when the travelers from smaller cites make their flying frequent then these plans will make more sense.

American Airlines is currently serving the mid-west destinations of United States like the Champaign, Rochester, and Columbia. Delta Airlines also operates flights to the city of Rochester.

Before joining United, Kirby was serving in the position of a president at the American Airlines. He said that sometime in the past, there were nearly 18 markets around the area of Chicago that were only under the operation of American Airlines. Kirby said that he is still perplexed as to why United let American operate there for so long.

Kirby also said that United Airlines will expand its destinations and routes and enhance their reliability and profits. As far as O’Hare Airport is concerned, the growth will depend on the access granted to several gates and prevent the cost from increasing.

O’Hare Airport’s modernization program is worth about 10 billion dollars. The airport has added many runways and more are under construction. But there is a still a challenge if the number of gates are less and there is not enough place for the flights to land and take off. This can cause some restriction in the traffic of passengers. The Department of Aviation at Chicago has informed that United has leased 77 gates out of 186 and on the other hand American Airlines has 67 gates.

Ginger Evans, the commissioner of aviation has said that they will fully cooperate with United and provide them with all the required facilities and resources.

Kirby also said that United is looking forward to add a few gates as soon as possible and within the calculated capital before an overhaul takes place.

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