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Coca-Cola Co., the leading maker of soft drinks all across the world, has come up with a new strategy for the advertisement of their soft drinks. The company has launched an advertisement that is gay-friendly – it features a brother and a sister who are vying to gain the attention of a good-looking pool boy. This ad has won a lot of praise and appreciation as it is bringing out the notion of both inclusion as well as diversity.

This commercial made its first appearance during the last week. The Out Magazine also appreciated the ad and said that never before the rivalry between siblings appeared more inclusive. The Marketing Week also agreed with the comment and approved it.

Most shows on television as well movies are now revolving around a gay theme. This has become a common trend. But when it comes to the field of advertisements, it is comparatively slower to embrace the gay couples. This trend has been observed very specifically amongst all the marquee brands.

This ad is a part of the global campaign of Coca-Cola. It features a teenage girl who is ogling at a pool boy from a window downstairs. The girl’s brother is also ogling at the same boy from a window upstairs.

After that, the brother and sister race towards the refrigerator and make an attempt to trip one another and enter a bid to be the first to give the worker an ice-cold Coke. The ad has the “Come Prima” Italian song playing in the background. The song adds more fun to the existing commercial and makes it more appealing.

But in spite of all the efforts the brother and sister put in, by the time they reach the handsome open-shirted pool boy, they discover that their mother had already given him Coke.

Though the ad does not comprise of any dialogues, the entire act speaks volumes of emotions.  

There are totally 4 commercials under the global campaign of Coca-Cola, which is new. And this ad is one of the four commercials.

The senior manager, Ali Brubaker of the Public Relations Department of the global brand, Coca-Cola said that the advertisement symbolizes a human story in which Coca-Cola has a vital, key, and essential role to play when it comes to the drama development of the campaign.

He also added that the company tries to manage relevant messages culturally and organically within their spots. This does not form the main subject, but the sub text of the story.

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