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Steve Ballmer, the former CEO of Microsoft has started a new organization known as USAFacts. This organization would be analyzing the spending on the government on a larger scale. The organization would also make the revenue and spending easier to understand to the people of USA.

Steve Ballmer says that the motivation behind him to create the new organization USAFacts was that he himself was extremely frustrated that he was unable to find any source of information, which had all the relevant numbers from federal, state, and local government posts combined together to give a consolidated result.

Steve Ballmer started by gathering a lot of data specialists. These data specialists spent about three whole years to compile the initial report information that is now available at the website of USAFacts i.e. usafacts.org. The reports are going to be updated on the website in a periodic manner so that the organization maintains integrity and user base as well.

Steve Balmer said that he is a guy who loves numbers. Most importantly, he thinks that the correct and most appropriate role of the numbers is to try and help take on situations that are really complicated and try and simplify them drastically so that people can easily understand what they are all about.

The former executive officer of Microsoft said that his moto and aim is to provide the clearest of information on the spending of government. He also says that due to this the process of discussing divisive issues would be much easier if the basic facts are clear and each and every one agrees to them as they come from a credible source which he wants USAFacts to be.

Steve Ballmer also said that if people who are reasonable enough and end up disagreeing about something, they could be able to look at the same dump of data due to which growing closer together would be easier for those people.

He added that he was already surprised by many of the facts and numbers that the data specialists had collected like one of the facts that stated that more than 23 Million people in total are employed in government work

USAFacts.org was announced by him on Tuesday in a speech at New York’s Economic Club.

The team of this organization includes researchers, writers, and economists who are the ones that produce the reports. There are some academic experts from Lynchberg College, University of Pennsylvania, and Stanford University, which also helped.

The former Microsoft executive, who bought Los Angeles Clippers in 2014 after retiring from Microsoft, said that about $10 Million was invested by him in USA Facts till now and he would continue spending a lot of million dollars per year.

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