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Gothamist, which is a media company in the city of New York, has been bought by another media company, DNAInfo. Gothamist runs the local news websites in a total of five cities all across the United States. On the other hand, DNAinfo also runs local news. The company DNAInfo is owned by a billionaire named Joe Ricketts.

Gothamist.com, which is the flagship site for the city of New York, will be serving as DNAInfo’s official blog. The company said that it will be covering various topics like arts, food, and viral stories and in addition to this it will also promote various stories that will be churned out by the reporters’ network of DNAInfo. It also has a sister site called Chicagoist, which does the same for the site DNAInfo in Chicago.

The network of Gothamist also comprises of 3 other websites in Washington, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. A statement by Gothamist said that these three sites can be used as the launch pads for the stories of DNAInfo sometime in the future when required.

The owner of DNAinfo, Joe Rickets said that by collaborating and joining forces and resources with Gothamist, DNAinfo will enhance its job and increase its performance. They will also improve the user experience with the company by providing news that will be both interesting as well as relevant. This merger will help DNAInfo to achieve all its objectives in the long run.  

Gothamist was founded in the year 2003 and DNAInfo was a startup that was initiated in the year 2009. Both these media companies have done remarkably well since the time of their inception. Gothamist has assisted in shaping the mold for the aggregation of the local news to take place as well as its coverage on the fast growing internet. DNAInfo has been advancing very aggressively to fill up the void with an attempt of the newspapers of the city to cut back on the coverage of the local news.

But these two publications also have a few differences between them. DNAinfo has gained popularity owing to its publications and coverage of news in the neighborhoods. On the other hand, Gothamist is popular for features like reports on pressing issues and various snappy writings that largely appeal to the populations of left leaning cities.  

The type of news covered by both these media companies will be a delight for the audience of the United States as both Gothamist and DNAInfo are pioneers when it comes to coverage of the news people want to watch.

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