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New research has found evidence that induced labor leads to increased risk of autism in the new born baby. Autism effect brain processing. Hindering social, verbal and non-verbal communication and processing in the brain. The research done not clearly states that induction of labor is the cause, but does state that it might slightly increase the chances on autism.

Researchers say that the drugs used during induction might affect the baby’s brain by altering how nerve cells connect and process information. Experts from Duke University researchers clarified that induction or natural method of child birth should be purely decided based on a case to case scenario.

Simon Gregory, an associate professor of medicine and medical genetics at Duke University in Durham, N.C. said “The risk is significant, but it is not grossly significant”

Simon Gregory pointed out “In the vast majority of cases, pregnancy should be induced or augmented for cogent medical reasons, and if it isn’t, the risk to mother and child is significantly worse than risk for developing autism, Women should understand the medical reason for induction or augmentation. This is a discussion that they need to have with their health care provider.”

There are many other hidden risks with induction of labor. Studies suggest that induction of labor might lead to increased risk of C-section.

Induction of labor should be well timed an early induction might lead to premature birth and might result in breathing difficulties. Medication such as oxytocin or prostaglandin used during induction has shown that it might lead to slight reduction in baby’s heart rate. There are cases where an increased stronger dose oxytocin is required when regular dosage fails and is known as failed induction. Induced Oxytocin is different from the naturally produced oxytocin and does not pass blood brain barrier and fails to offer the same benefits.

Induce of labor also increases risk of alters and affects uterine muscles contractions which is known to cause bleeding.

Induction might be necessary when there is a risk to the mother or the baby, when mother is overdue, fever, blood pressure or infection.

Guastella added “This study is the first to provide any real evidence linking oxytocin use to autism, It may have nothing to do with oxytocin,”

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