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A rally in the city of San Francisco began in the afternoon on Tuesday by the name of Pi Day. Protesters in large numbers (about hundreds) joined this rally. This rally was a means of protest against the administration of the United States president, Donald Trump and the policies he formulated on issues like healthcare and immigration, which is causing immense problems to the residents of the United States.

This rally was organized by Tech Stands Up, which is a non-profitable group. The speakers of the rally comprised of both the current as well as the former employees from big companies like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Cisco.

Though the primary reason behind the rally was the administration under Trump, it also emphasized on the increased pressure that is put on the leaders of the technology companies as compared to the political leaders.

The co-founder of Hipmunk, which is a travel startup, Adam Goldstein said that it is easier for the executives to bring about tax reforms for social justice because they have no concern about losing their customers. He also added that is easier for these executives to advocate on the issue of immigration. According to various sources, this rally acted as an example of the political awakening of the Silicon Valley and highlighted the challenges and hurdles that are faced by the tech leaders in order to maintain a balance in the working of their companies due to the policies formulated by the White House.

The employees of several companies are urging them to protest against the progressive values that are forced by Trump on the industries. All the technical companies are trying to negotiate and work on a mutual process as far as the issue of taxation and other regulations are concerned.

Several other tech companies revolted against the travel ban imposed by Trump and the decision of the administration that withdraws all forms of protection towards the transgender students in the public schools.

A janitor and immigrant, Maria Gonzalez working at Facebook, suggested in her speech that the big technical companies must create campuses that serve as sanctuaries for the immigrants.

A barista working for Cisco, Jacky Espinoza also said at the rally that she hopes that the executives stand not only for the immigrant workers that are highly skilled, but also all the workers who provide some contributions in building a technology that enhances the United States.

Even the global platform, Twitter saw various tweets from different people supporting the cause of the rally and speaking against the rules imposed by Trump.

The founder of Tech Stands Up is Brad Taylor who is a software engineer. He founded this group after he got frustrated with the working of the current administration. The goal of the Tech Stands Up group is to withhold and defend the values of openness and diversity of the Silicon Valley.


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