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Trump’s acute nucleus on trade deficit could have an adverse effect on the economy. The pact between China and America has gone bust for now. Global markets grew sharply at least for the time being when Trump has put a hold on its threat to inflict tariffs on Chinese imports.

But with the progression of talks an eminent question for the administration remains. Is the aim to make some crusaders in farm states and energy extraction industries satisfied and diminish the trade deficit for some time?

Or is this some kind of an impaired economic relationship between the two major superpowers and world’s biggest economies, in desiring that US exercises its stronghold in the industries of the future even if they are not running into profit as yet?

However, on the weekend, Mr. Trump’s team offers an olive branch to China and seems to choose option A.  The issue with the strategy is not that the ceasing of trade war may not last for long time but also  it generates risk that after all the uproar of the last few months, there will be no pay offs to much graver problems.

The President has made diminishing trade deficit a main center of attention international economic policy, disregarding the perspective of mainstream economists who observe trade deficits as a result of savings and investment decisions rather than a brownie point of national success.

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US shut offensive North Korean authority succeeding Trump’s reference as honorable while the US State Department brought to the forefront searing reprimand of North Korea’s human rights background as referring to the regime as one of the most autocratic and offensive governments in the world. This came just days succeeding President Donald Trump’s exaltation of dictator Kim Jong Un’s principled purpose before a potential face to face meeting between the two leaders.

Trump has recently back down from pitching distinctive slander against the leader he once referred to as “little rocket man.” His state department indicated in a new statement censuring years of deplorable human rights contravention endured by North Korean people under the regime of their own government.

State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert said that people of North Korea have fought against atrocious human rights contravention in practically all facets of life for the past 60 years. She also said that appending to the approximately 100,000 individuals, entailing children and family members of the condemned who undergo pain and hardship in political lock up camps, North Koreans are being deprived of basic freedom rights by their government and if they are caught attempt escaping are mostly harrowed and terminated.

The administration has lately attempted to create awareness as Trump and Kim get ready for the greatly predicted and possibly historic conclave in the coming weeks. Last week, Trump indicated Kim’s purpose to proceed to the meeting as an extremely welcoming and open gesture based on what is being observed.

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Ronny Jackson declines to reappear as Trump’s physician according to two senior administration officials, after a series of assertions spawned the Navy rear admiral to extract his nomination last week to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Sean Conley, a Navy officer who fitted in the shoes of Jackson’s role as the president’s distinctive doctor last month will sustain in the role the officials said. Jackson withdrew last week succeeding Montana Sen. Jon Tester, the top Democrat on the Veterans’ Affairs Committee, delivered a paper encapsulating assertions by present and erstwhile colleagues that Jackson over specified pills drank on the job and generated an aggressive work environment. Jackson has refused the assertions and has moved back to work in the White House Medical Unit.

President Donald Trump has sustained vindicating Jackson with whom he shared a close bond. Trump wrote on Twitter that Tester should put in his papers saying that Secret Service had not been successful in reaffirming any of the allegations against Jackson. Tester is encountering a difficult reelection in November in a state that Trump won resoundingly in 2016.

The President also wrote that Tester’s deceleration on Admiral Jackson were as unfounded as an exceptional counsel Robert Mueller’s enquiry into collaboration between Trump campaign and Russia in the 2016 election, an investigation which he termed as nothing but a witch hunt!
Jackson was in headlines earlier this month when he convened an expanded news conference on Trump’s physicality in which he professed the President was one pound under the weight that is nearly obese and also said that Trump possessed great genes.

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With the hopes of President Donald Trump’s big infrastructure announcement on Tuesday, the stocks in US ended higher on Monday and Dow Jones Industrial Average had a record high closing for the 12th straight session.

Dow’s streak of record highs matches their 12 day run in the year 1987 with UnitedHealth and Boeing being among the biggest boosts on Monday for Dow. S&P 500 also had a record high closing. The energy index, which is up by 0.9 percent, gave the required boost to S&P 500.

Trump, who met the governors at White House, also said that he is seeking a historic increasing in their military spending of about 9%, while he also said that his administration would be quickly moving on the regulatory reforms.

These comments by Trump were ahead of his first address at the Congress joint session Tuesday evening. The investors want more specifics on plans by Trump, as hefty gains have been seen in the market after the election win.

Leaf Group CEO Sean Moriarty is interviewed on the trading floor at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in Manhattan, New York City, U.S., February 27, 2017. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly

Bucky Hellwig, the senior VP at BB&T Wealth Management situated in Birmingham, Alabama, said that all the things are moving according to Trump’s agenda, but they are hoping to get a much clearer picture tomorrow night after which they would start some buying or selling.

Most investors, including Hellwig, feel that there is most probably an upside rather than downside from this address seeing how the market had reacted in the past recent weeks.

US Defense company shares like Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Raytheon, and Boeing rose after Donald Trump promised that he would be boosting spending of Pentagon by $54 billion in his first budget proposal.

UnitedHealth was up by 1.4 percent and Boeing was up by 1.1 percent.

Dow rose 9.2 percent in its 1987 12-day record high close streak compared with a gain of just 3.9 percent in the current record run.

Although there was a rise of 10.8 percent in S&P 500 since the election in November 8, the rally pace has slowed this year as compared to previous years.

A few weeks ago, Trump promised a phenomenal tax announcement, which helped rekindle the rally that took place post-election that drove the main US markets to their record highs.

The stocks of Time Warner ended up by 0.9% after the news came that the US Federal Communications Commission head doesn’t expect to review the plan by AT&T Inc. to acquire Time Warner for $85.4 Billion. AT&T, on the other hand, fell by 1.3%.

S&P had posted one new low and 63 new 52 week highs. NASDAQ Composite had recorded 45 new lows and 143 new highs.

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On the 24th day of February, 2017, a Friday, Donald Trump made a media ban against some news outlets which includes CNN, BBC, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and Politico from covering the media white house press briefing. There is no doubt that Donald Trump is right with this ban. Given the intensity of information war media organizations like CNN and New York Times are waging against President Donald Trump’s administration, I guess he has been pushed to the wall.

There are several fake news media organizations distorting facts and giving incorrect information for the sole purpose of discrediting Donald Trump and manipulating public opinion against him. I do not blame Trump for banning these news outlets. If he doesn’t stop them, they will eventually stop him.

The motive of these fake news media is clear. CNN, Los Angeles Times and New York Times among other rogue news outlet supported Hilary Clinton during the election campaign. They carried out a lot of fake polls predicting that Hilary Clinton will win the election by a landslide. It was obvious that all these polls were fraudulent with the aim of boosting the image of Hilary Clinton and manipulating public opinion in her favor.

Why were the press doing this? The reason is not far-fetched. Most of the anti-trump news outlets involved in the fake polls during the election campaign had previously endorsed Hilary Clinton as a presidential candidate. This is wrong for free press. The endorsement of one candidate over another shows that these media organizations have a skeleton in their cupboards and are not actually working in the overall interest of the American people. They were working to promote their own selfish interests. Fast forward to November 8, 2016 when Donald Trump won the election. The fake news media organizations like CNN became disgruntled and declared war on Trump.

CNN and other news outlets started airing false news against Trump, from the allegation that his victory was manipulated by Russian Intelligence to Trump being Putin’s puppet, there seemed to be no end to the false accusations against President Donald Trump. No little thanks to wicked news media coverage, CNN reporters and other rogue news agencies made Trump’s inauguration a controversial one. They abandoned the real issues and focused on crowd size. Making the President look like a liar on his inauguration day.

From the day of inauguration, these fake news media followed Trump all the way, discrediting each of his political appointees and condemning every executive order made by the Trump administration. Of recent, the information war and manipulation of public opinion has gone to a new high, with the CNN and other rogue press attacking each of Donald Trump’s speeches particularly the one he made at a Boeing Plant in South Carolina.

Now if I am asked this question, “Is Donald Trump right to make a media ban against negative media outlets?” I will say yes. The reason if very simple. It is either Donald Trump wins the war against bad media or they win him. It has to go either way. If Trump wants to win the war against negative news outlets then he must impose a media ban to stop them. Why does Trump deserve to win the war, Trump’s administration deserves to survive. He was voted in by the American public in a free and fair election. If the media wants to destroy him, then they have to be stopped.

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