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Uber Technologies Inc. has now expanded its self-driving car program to Tempe, Arizona, the 2nd city where customers can test their ride hailing firm’s automated technology. Starting Tuesday, the riders who request UberX in Tempe will soon be matched with a self-driving car in case one is made available, as per a company spokeswoman.

The Governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, a proponent of the self-driving cars, actually went on to take the inaugural ride, the firm stated. Doug wooed Uber into Arizona after self-driving cars were banned from the streets of San Francisco in the month of December by the CDMV (California Department of Motor Vehicles) after failing completely to register these vehicles for testing.

Uber is now operating self-driving cars in Pittsburgh. The company’s self-driving program comes when the firm deals with criticism on various fronts that includes a sexual harassment claim from the former software engineer and also a boycott that was organized after Uber went on to halt the surge pricing despite a taxi strike, which was temporary as a response to the early hours of the newly elected President Donald Trump’s ban on immigration.

Self-driving cars are going to be the next big thing in the world. Innovation is reaching new heights; even Google has come up with a new driverless car and it has been put into various tests to check if it is actually safe to be on the high traffic busy roads. Science & Technology has now gone to an extent of making it really possible for people to do some unimaginably impossible things. Even the American automaker Tesla currently is focused on specializing in electric cars, also known as plug-in cars. At this rate, the world will pretty soon be seeing cars without any drivers.

Google’s self-driving car unit Waymo is now in talks with the world-famous brand Honda on self-driving technology. Waymo is presently having some major discussions with the world famous brand regarding bringing together the self-driving car technology to Honda cars. Honda also announced at one of the recent press releases some months ago that this collaboration is most likely to be happening soon and as part of this brand new partnership, Honda will certainly offer Waymo with its vehicles for the purpose of test fleet.

With so much happening in the field of automobiles and technology, it is just a matter of some months or years before people start using driverless cars that function better than the ones with human drivers.

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