Multiple Arrests in Dakota Access Pipeline Protest Site

The officials are now planning to enter the closed Standing Rock camp site that is near the Dakota Access Pipeline following the arrest of ten people after the deadline for leaving the area expired. The North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum stated that the rest of the 25 to 50 protesters who are holding out in the Oceti -Sakowin camp site will be left free without being arrested so that the contractors can actually continue cleaning up this protest site near the controversial 1,172 mile long pipeline.

Those people who refuse to go will definitely be arrested. Burgum stated that people who are remaining at the camp have a chance to voluntarily leave by taking their respective belongings or taking off anything that will be culturally significant and a team of members will assist these people in moving out. Those 10 people who were arrested on the highway outside the camp that is located near the Cannon Ball, North Dakota had actually refused the commands to leave and move out of the area, as stated by the officials. The authorities then went ahead and closed off the camp and did not let any vehicles to enter.

The arrests came during the end of the day without any issue after the police did not enter the camp. Around 100 odd protesters left voluntarily before 2 PM deadline that was set by Burgum. The protesters played drums, waved flags, and chanted as they left. At one point of time on Wednesday, some tents were actually set ablaze. The Tribal member Kaooplus Enimkla Thunder & Lightning stated that some of the tents were actually frozen into the ground and it had to really be burned in order to be removed. The other tribal members stated that the fires are generally a part of the tribal tradition. Burgum stated that a 17 year-old girl actually suffered some major burns and one 7 year old boy was badly injured from either the explosion or because of the control blaze at the camp.

Tom Iverson from North-Dakota Highway Patrol stated that anybody who is found trespassing, breaking the law or obstructing the work of the highway patrol will be arrested without a second warning. Iverson stated that the authorities had actually given the protesters an additional 2 hours to leave the site; however, they never left the place and hence they were arrested. He stated that the law enforcement was then confronted by these agitators that approached the law enforcement line and provoked the authorities. Iverson stated that the authorities were actually kind enough and gave the people numerous warnings to leave the place.

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