Accentuating Plants’ Robust DNA Damage Repair System Protecting Against UV Radiation

Accentuating plants’ robust DNA damage repair system that flawlessly protects them from UV radiation, which is simultaneously essential as well as dangerous for human beings, since numerous people suffer with damages in DNA and skin cancer due to the radiations.

What about plants? Are they also in danger? No, fortunately they are safe, because they have a special system in their DNA that constantly protects them from UV radiation. It is the system within their DNA having role in repairing the damages happening with the DNA, which is somewhat similar to the damage repair system in the humans and animals.

Findings have been disclosed by the journal Nature Communications of the study performed by a team of researchers, one of whom is Ogun Adebali, a postdoctoral scientist at the Aziz Sancar laboratory of the North Carolina University.

For the study, the team worked on the UV-exposed plant – Arabidopsis thaliana or thale cress DNA. “These findings advance our understanding of DNA repair mechanisms common among all organisms and may also have practical applications”, Ogun Adebali said while explaining the research.

Postdoctoral researcher from the Sancar lab, Onur Oztas said in a statement that, “This implies that excision repair is needed to fix DNA damage from other, unknown factors besides UV. We’d like to identify and characterize those unknown factors and find out how excision repair fixes the types of damage they cause. Here we found that the jump in efficiency for transcription-coupled repair is even more pronounced in plants than it is in animals or bacteria.”

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