Fatty Stomach Magnifies Major Heart Attack Risk, Even In Non-Obese People

Fatty stomach magnifies major heart attack risk by two times more than the people who don’t have fat around their belly. The problem has also been found among the people who are not obese, but have a fatty stomach, and less likely to catch the obese people with lesser weight around their stomach and belly.

Excess fat is long been considered to be linked with heart health, as body fat has substantial impact on the heart. Nearly 1700 people from Olmsted County, Minnesota who were ageing around 45 years old or above were enrolled to the research between the time scale 1997 and 2000.

“People with a normal weight but a fat belly have more chance of heart problems than people without a fat belly, even if they are obese according to BM,” said Dr Medina-Inojosa, study’s leading author, from the Preventive Cardiology department at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. “This body shape indicates a sedentary lifestyle, low muscle mass, and eating too many refined carbohydrates.”

With the help of medical records obtained by the Rochester Epidemiology Project, the study followed the participants for the risk of developing major adverse cardiovascular events like stroke, cardiovascular death and heart attack.

“The belly is usually the first place we deposit fat, so people classified as overweight BMI but without a fat belly probably have more muscle which is good for health,” Dr Medina-Inojosa continued. “Our study provides evidence that doctors should also measure central obesity to get a better picture of whether a patient is at risk.”



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