Mothers Binging Alcohol Can Harm Their Offspring’s Mental Health

Mothers binging alcohol can harm their offspring’s mental health, says a recent study released by the journal Frontiers in Psychiatry. A team of researcher from Italy has just found more depressive impacts of binge drinking on offspring, during an experiment conducted on rat model.

While, science has previously suggesting that the habitual drinking is as harmful as it can introduce oneself with some sort of anxiety conditions in the pregnant women as well as their offspring, the latest research has claimed that binge or intermittent habit of drinking alcohol can lead to arrive extremely depressive influence.

Researchers from the University of Palermo in Palermo, Italy examined the repercussion occurred because of maternal drinking in any form either intermittently or continuously on the corresponding offspring, by attempting practical research on the rat model. During the research, water mixed with alcohol was given to the pregnant rat who was also a lactating mother.

Leading author of the study, Dr. Carla Cannizzaro from the University of Palermo described the research that, “Chronic and binge alcohol use can disrupt the homeostasis of brain regions relevant for reward. Such use may lead to addiction, craving, loss of control over the use of the substance and severe withdrawal symptoms when the substance is interrupted.”

Dr. Cannizzaro further explained as, “Alcohol or other drugs of abuse — in chronic or in excessive amounts — can imprint genetic encoding and promote heritable modifications. Chronic and binge alcohol use can disrupt the homeostasis of brain regions relevant for reward.”



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