Google rebranded online subscription program

Google rebranded online subscription program and also cuts the prices for storage. In comparison with Amazon, it still has the best deal for 1 terabyte of storage.

Its new price for 2 terabytes of storage is $9.99 monthly, which was $19.99 monthly before. Google also introduced several lower priced tiers, including 100 GB for $1.99 monthly or $2.99 for 200 GB.

However, consumers looking for just 1 TB of storage at the lowest price might want to shop with Amazon, which offers it for $59.99 yearly. Google said the new One subscription accounts now come with access to e-mail and phone customer help.

Users of Google Drive’s online backup program will still go to to access their files. If they use under 15 GB, Google Drive is still free. The subscription offering, for heavier users, will be called One.

Google is still offering 15 GB of free storage before moving people to a paid account.  According to the Google blog post, this new One name will offer bonuses to subscribers “like credits on Google Play or deals on select hotels found in Google Search.

Online storage in the digital age has become a fact of life for mobile consumers, who are shooting more photos and videos, in higher resolution, than ever before, on devices that max out of room often.

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