Trump’s Pardoning of Dinesh D’Souza Is to Correct an Injustice

Trump’s pardoning of Dinesh D’Souza is to correct an injustice. But, it is reported that the pardon was actually prompted by a desire of the U.S. President for purgation as well as releasing a political notice as intended to aim an American attorney and special counsel, Robert Mueller.

Dinesh D’Souza is a controversial conservative critic, who pleaded guilty to a felony infringement of government’s campaign finance regulations in 2014, while there is definitely no judicial issue with the recent announcement of pardoning him by the U.S. President Donald Trump.

pardon of D’Souza will enable the President to crook the muscles of his executive branch, comforting himself in handling the other matters out of his control, especially the current special counsel investigation and his evident displeasure with Jeff Sessions, Attorney General, which are the major issues rankling president’s spirit.

President Donald Trump said in a statement that, “I’ve always felt he was very unfairly treated. What should have been a quick minor fine, like everybody else with the election stuff….what they did to him was horrible. Plenty of other politicians have said a lot worse. He shouldn’t have been put in jail.”

Barbara Underwood, New York Attorney General disclosed a statement that pleads with state lawmakers, on Thursday wrote that, “President Trump’s latest pardon makes crystal clear his willingness to use his pardon power to thwart the cause of justice, rather than advance it. First it was Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Then it was Scooter Libby. Now it’s Dinesh D’Souza. We can’t afford to wait to see who will be next.”




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