State Department Seniors Will Probe Cuba’s Recent Health Attack

State Department seniors will probe Cuba’s recent health attack that harmed 26 US diplomatic work force along with their families in the comrade island country.

Called as ‘sonic attack’ by Washington, which means the apparent victims, have endured side effects reliable with gentle cerebrum injury such as hearing loss and disorientation. The State Department demonstrated that two US diplomats encountered the earlier month similar health problems in June at an American conciliatory current deals where they were both present.

Acting Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs Francisco Palmieri, Acting Deputy Under Secretary for Management William Todd and Assistant Secretary for Diplomatic Security Michael Evanoff headed out to Havana to ‘visit consulate staff in light of new health assaults against US diplomats at Embassy Havana’, a State Department official reported.

Both of the cases were happened for the first in Havana since August 2017, conveying the aggregate to 26. The afflictions initially started in late 2016. Some American authorities in both China and Cuba called hearing as an unidentified noise before falling sick, and introductory reports recommended they may have been hit by a mystery sonic weapon.

However, US knowledge and therapeutic specialists have been probing for over a year and appear to be no nearer to distinguishing the reason. Cuban Foreign Ministry said in a statement on June 10 that, “We can confirm that we have no credible hypothesis or scientific explanation that justifies the retaliatory US measures.”

The US official stated that, “The trip provided an opportunity for our senior officials to gain deeper insight into the unique challenges posed by these attacks and their impact on US operations on the ground.”



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