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Brain science institute receives $100 million by graduate alumnus – Robert J. Carney and wife, Nancy D. Carney, as one of the biggest single donation the Brown University has received ever in the history. Now the Brown Institute for Brain Science will be identified as the Robert J. and Nancy D. Carney Institute of Brain Science admiring the donation, as reported during the press release held by the university.

The donation has been basically gifted with intension to accelerate the development in the neuroscience study in Rhode Island along with the new promises to enhance the effectiveness of new cures and treatments over the deadly conditions such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease.

Neuroscience professor and president-elect at the Society for Neuroscience, Diane Lipscombe said, “Our focus is at the early stage, what is going wrong and can we find ways to stop the degeneration”, while Christina Paxson, Brown president said, “This is a signal moment when scientists around the world are poised to solve some of the most important puzzles of the human brain.”

Diane Lipscombe, director of the institute hopes the donation can help decipher the neuron deaths in case of neurodegenerative disorders as well as the comprehension of brain mechanisms, which may eventually help in treating the neurodegenerative disorders.

Christopher Moore, Associate Director of the Institute said in a statement that, “The gift is not so we can take a moonshot at curing some single disease. What this gift will do is it’s going to underwrite the great discoveries that will cure those diseases. It’s going to create the environment in which they can be addressed at the deepest level.”

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